PT. CITRA KARYA MARGA UTAMA which in this case is a company engaged in the field of Light Construction which in recent years has expanded widely in its field. We have experience over a period of more than 20 years in managing a job, applying a product and perfecting an art.

PT. CITRA KARYA MARGA UTAMA provides a choice in improving our performance which we can define as the field of services as follows:

  1. Patterned Concrete Division, is a division that prioritizes quality, quantity and quality as well as a harmonious art so that it is contained in our products namely concrete stamp (patterned) and pebble wash (or ampyangan and coral brush), we work on install services or installed applications by giving a service in the form of contemporary design designs in line with the period of design development in Indonesia.

  2. SPM Division, is a division that perfects, manages a product application and provides a service service that refers to the work job. We define these services as Instaler of Products and Land Preparation and Construction Works which are part of the Product Installer. We develop install services from our product products that refer to Cost, Quality, Time and Quality.

PT. CITRA KARYA MARGA UTAMA is proud to provide innovation and new technology in a CONSTRUCTION ART that we will present with our skilled staff who are experienced towards the current design era.