Paving, Kanstin and Accessories Installation

The field of work is a service as well as to instill trust as a form of our service, where we provide separate installation services outside of our support products

Our support products are in the form of paving stones of various sizes and shapes, kanstin with various sizes and shapes as well as accessories that are support and support for paving and kanstin.

The basic foundation of our installation is :

  • Sand Bedding, in the form of a paving base layer of sand, stone ash and stone sand with a maximum thickness of half the thickness of paving.
  • Back up the kanstin, in the form of a mixture of PC with Sand 1:12 where to massif the land that has been hard and ready to install the kanstin. This backup is only for leveling the kanstin so it doesn't move on a solid sub base.
  • Installation of paving and kanstin, is the installation with a standard model. Installation with reference to special drainage and installation with special patterns and designs which of course with special paving material too.

Concrete Panel Fence Installation

Is our service in the installation of concrete panel fences, the order in the installation of concrete panel fencing includes:

  • Fence Height Panel, is the height of the panel fence with multiples of our products at 50 cm.
  • The length of the fence panel, is the total length in meters run with a number of deletations of at least 20 m and column arrangement per 2.48 m.
  • Foundation Fence panels, these foundations vary in variety depending on the height of the fence and the type of soil to be installed by the fence and the type of soil contour on the site.
  • Fence Installation Panel, this panel fence will be installed with a certain height limit. Then for the panel to be installed after that which means the installation of columns with a certain depth then insert the fence panel.
  • Drainage Channels Installation

    These services are our services in the installation of NDU (New Development Units) such as concrete pipes, U-ditch, box culverts with different sizes and shapes, our NDU is more dominant in supporting paving and materials where NDU is supporting our sub-base in the drainage field and water flow in a planned location.

    Road Construction Civil Works

    Is development in terms of services and goods and services that have various types of job classifications as follows :

    • The work of the Sub Base, is the lower layer work in the form of CTB, collection, cut and fill and some of the work contained therein.
    • Road Work and Pavement, that this work is to support our sub base work where we have equipped with Batching Plant and others to provide service to our customers as ONE STOP SHOPING.
    • Other supporting jobs, this work supports our other work or services such as manhole, casting in site, bridge and others.