Patterned Concrete

Is a textured concrete pavement that has architectural beauty value. In addition to the strength adjusted for function and elegance (minimum compressive strength of 225 kg / cm2), with a mixture of concrete, color hardener, antiquing release and clear sealer, makes patterned concrete strong, high-strength and ideal for application on the road, mall area, hotels, pool decks, parks and other architectural buildings.

Working Process

Patterned Concrete is installed by trained installers with detailed and accurate assistance of Computer Graphic Software. Professional sales peoples and installers, technical support makes Patterned Concrete an advantage over other products or similar in the field. This advantage puts Patterned Concrete as the leader for this product on the market.

The following is the work system of Patterned Concrete overall products:

  1. Field preparation
  2. Concrete leveling
  3. Formwork Pattern
  4. Wire mesh sheet installation
  5. Casting
  6. Coloring
  7. Stamp motive surface
  8. Before washing
  9. Washing and Coating
  10. Final result

Engineering Drawings

The location of the plaza is located inside the Jakabaring Palembang sports complex, precisely in front of the Sriwijaya Gelora Stadium. With a concept inspired by the fiery spirit possessed by the athletes, so the form of 3D Patterned Concrete adds to the attraction and makes the arena more lively and not monotonous

Pebble Wash & Coral Brush

By combining the characteristics of beauty and strength of natural stone, pebble wash and coral brush is ideal for Gate Housing, Offices, Shopping Centers or from beautiful links in every building and landscape.

Finishing Material

We use quality and tested products and colors for more than 40 years imported directly from L.M. Scofield America

  1. Color Hardener
  2. Antiquing Release
  3. Clear Sealer

Colors Table